Your property,s plumbing is an intricate system that requires regular maintenance to work efficiently. A correctly installed and maintained plumbing network is essential to ensure the hygienic operation of your bathroom, laundry and kitchen.

Malouf Plumbing specialise in Gympie plumbing maintenance. From repairing leaking taps and dripping showers to replacing all tapware, our plumbers can handle all of this and more. We have the skills and experience to undertake a range of plumbing repairs and general maintenance, including emergency maintenance.

Our service vans are equipped with a number of spare parts and specialty tools, which means we can quickly resolve a number of plumbing complaints. This also helps us keep our rates low.

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As licensed gasfitters, Malouf Plumbing can install and repair all types of hot water systems. We work with gas and electric hot water systems of all capacities, ensuring there is always hot water when you turn the tap on.

Don,t put up with a cold shower at the end of a long day. Our Gympie plumbers are available for call-outs at any time to tend to hot water system repairs. Phone our mobile service for prompt attention and repairs.


Leaking gutters and spouting can cause a build up of moisture inside the roof cavity. This can not only cause long-term damage to the structure, but can also lead to mould build up. If you notice gutters and downpipes that aren't draining, contact Malouf Plumbing for fast resolution.

We will clean the drains and spouts, allowing them to clear water more efficiently. Our plumbers will always work to resolve the problem with straightforward repairs. Should the damage be more extensive, we will discuss cost-effective replacement options with you.


If your property is plagued with leaking pipes or a blocked pipeline is causing you grief, pick up the phone and call Malouf Plumbing.

It is not uncommon for pipes to become blocked with a build up of sediment or grease, or even by tree roots in the yard. We use an electric drain cleaner to break up and clear any blockage safely and quickly. As one of the only plumbing companies in the region with this equipment, we can have the issue corrected faster - saving you money!

We can also detect any leaks in your pipes, including leaks underground or in difficult-to- access areas. Our Gympie plumbers can then undertake any necessary repairs with minimal disruption to both your water supply and your property.


On average, the cost of heating water equates to up to 30% of your total power bill. Solar hot water systems can save you money on energy usage. They are an energy-efficient way to make use of the sunny conditions in Queensland.

The team at Malouf Plumbing are highly experienced when it comes to general troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs of solar systems. We can tend to your solar hot water needs at any time with our convenient callout service.


A working toilet is essential to the harmony of your home, so any issues need to be corrected quickly. Malouf Plumbing can assist with a wide range of problems for single or dual-flush toilets. From dripping toilets to toilets that aren't flushing, we are available to carry out repairs at any time of the day or night.

No household should put up with a toilet that is unusable. Our Gympie plumbers will ensure prompt toilet repairs at a reasonable price.


Our plumbers aim to deliver affordably priced services for renovation projects. We can cover all aspects of your plumbing work, from installing new toilets and tapware to fitting dishwashers and kitchen sinks.

Malouf Plumbing can help you achieve the kitchen, bathroom or ensuite of your dreams, without costing a fortune. Our renovation work not only focuses on style and functionality, but also helps to improve the value of your property


Whether you need new pipe work following renovations or your drainage system is not meeting the needs of your property, we can help. If you need to replace a section of damaged pipe or extend your current pipelines, we ensure the most professional service and prompt results.

Malouf Plumbing are also certified to fit backflow prevention devices for homes and commercial properties. Backflow devices are essential for maintaining a safe water system, so it is important to choose a plumbing company skilled in this area.


Malouf Plumbing rely on leak-detection equipment and processes that are non-invasive. This not only reduces any potential damage to your garden or property, but it also means we can pinpoint leaks faster. We can diagnose or locate leaks in water pipes, drains and stormwater systems throughout Gympie.

Once the leak has been found, we have the resources to carry out the majority of repairs then and there. You will be back to enjoying a stress-free water supply in no time.

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